Comments from Suomi-koulu students

Lina, 12 yrs:
“I have learned many things. Some are the months, times, food and other things I’d learn in English in an earlier grade.”
Ulriikka, 7 yrs: 
“Suomi-koulu is fun. I have learned to read there.”
Julie, 6 yrs:
“I will learn Finnish language, songs and games, and it is good for me.”   One of Julie’s fun memories was the making of the Finnish flag craft.
Mika, 5 yrs:
“I want to learn to read my “Aapiskukko”-book better than my brother (10 yrs) and my sister (12 yrs).”
Mika also enjoys are “arts and crafts and playing with friends during the snack time.”
Emmy, 4 yrs:
“I like to hear Finnish and meet other Finnish children. I liked to learn about bunnies.  I have also learned to play
ball games and enjoyed smelling flowers.”
Daniel, 3 yrs:
After a question from his dad on how he has become so smart, Daniel answered: “because I have been going to the Suomi-koulu.”
Timo, 3 yrs:
Timo has learned “to be good, eat, and practise” at the Suomi-koulu. He also likes the snack break.

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