suomi koulu

Suomalainen tanssi

The children at tanhu practice

Welcome to the Philadelphia Suomi-koulu! Tervetuloa!  The Philadelphia Suomi-koulu is a Finnish language school for children, founded in 1999. We also familiarize children with Finnish culture and customs. We meet one Sunday a month at the American Swedish Historical Museum in Philadelphia. This is also a great venue to keep in touch with the Finnish parents community and gain parenting support.


  • teaching Finnish language and expanding students’ knowledge of vocabulary and grammar
  • keeping Finnish culture and heritage alive by teaching facts about Finland, Finnish songs and games, folk dances, arts and crafts
  • celebrating Finnish holidays

Philadelphia Suomi-koulu ice skatingIn addition to regular meetings, the school arranges an annual ice skating trip and a spring field trip in the Philadelphia area. Student favorites have been our theater and Philadelphia zoo trips.

Presently Suomi-koulu has students ranging from 3 to 13 years of age. The school is divided into two groups by age: Younger children (3-6 yrs) and older children (7 and up).

American Swedish Historical Museum
1900 Pattison Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19145

Please contact us for more info.